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Skilled Trade Staffing is the solution for all industrial businesses. Engage us today to experience effectiveness, high professionalism and cost reduction when you hire our temporary skilled laborers to get the job done.

Skilled Trade Staffing presents you with an easy way to find reliable skilled labor you can trust to supply the workforce for all your construction and industry needs.

Our Core Values

Before working with us, all employees and skilled craftsmen must agree to the terms of our core values on Safety, Integrity, Customer Satisfaction and Quality. These are the factors which control our existence in the market.

Our Services

Skilled Trade Staffing specializes in the provision of temporary skilled labor for your construction and industry needs. With the scope of our services spread across the United States, Skilled Trade Staffing is your one-stop location for securing quality temporary skilled labor in the following industries;

Marine Labor Staffing Solutions

Requesting temporary marine labor? Experience a high level of effectiveness and service delivery when you engage our marine labor staffing solutions...

Heavy Industrial Labor

Seek temporary heavy industrial labor? When it comes to the provision of a skilled workforce for all categories of businesses, we've got you covered...

Manufacturing Workforce

At Skilled Trade Staffing, our manufacturing staffing solution is aimed at providing top-quality and product-oriented services you can trust.

Oil, Gas & Alternative Energy Workforce

Need temporary labor on the rig?
Let Skilled Trade Staffing assist you with the best-skilled craftsmen for your Oil & Gas...

Commercial Construction Workforce

Need temporary construction laborers?
At Skilled Trade Staffing, we offer you the best opportunity to find and engage the services of the best-skilled construction workers...

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