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At Skilled Trade Staffing, we provide you with highly skilled and quality talents that can take care of all your business deals while you focus on improving your client base and managing your business. Our several years in the recruitment agency has accorded us the chance of meeting and interacting with top recruiters who assist you in identifying top talents for all our clients. Our team of recruiters identify, interview, screen, recruit and connect you with the top skills for your company needs.


Skilled Trade Staffing is a US-based staffing agency which was primarily established to handle the staffing needs of businesses and industries for short- or long-term contract. Skill Trade Staffing consists of a group of professional service providers in architecture and engineering, finance & accounting, Oil & Gas, information technology, sales and marketing industries. We have a track record of meeting all client needs with a large scope of our services covering the United States.

At Skilled Trade Staffing, we provide you with highly skilled and quality talents that can take care of operational functions while you focus on scheduling, administration and management of your business. Several years experience in the recruitment agency business has awarded us the routine opportunity of meeting and interacting with top recruiters who assist in creating your accurate client profile and identifying top talents suitable to fulfill your staffing needs. Before staff is recommended, you can be assured that our team of recruiters has properly identified, interviewed, screened, evaluated, recruited and connected with only the most qualified candidates.


To create an increased level of pride in temporary skilled labor by offering industry-standard safety techniques, alongside unbeatable labor productivity and quality.


Skilled Trade Staffing was established with one sole aim:

We are providing Americans with the needed skilled craftsman and trade laborers necessary to build our nation. These craftsmen are compensated fairly and are focused on professionalism and reliability in service delivery.

We are helping to solve the unemployment problem by creating room for skilled labor and career advancement through temporary and permanent staffing under safe working conditions.

Our mission is to create an increased level of pride in our craft. As expected, this is the hallmark of skilled labor and we intend to maintain this high standard of quality and ethics.

By working with Skilled Trade Staffing, your business has access to the best industry and construction laborers. Our stringent hiring process makes it simple for clients to add qualified staff, with the intention of increasing your company’s productivity and production efforts.  

Core Values


Right from inception, the safety of our field employers has always been a priority for us at Skilled Trade Staffing. We have managed to keep to this value even as we enjoy a national growth. All skilled craftsmen that qualify to work with us must be safe to work with while on the field. Due to our emphasis and the value we place on safety, we make sure all our employee undergo a free OSHA 10-Hour Construction Safety and Health Training. We always ensure all tradesmen have complete access to employee safety plans by giving them the right training, motivation, communications and industry-based resources to guide their behaviors and prevent accidents among all employees and clients alike.


This ensures that all our clients and craftsmen get to trust us to connect them with the right individuals. We move the extra mile to make sure all our clients are treated fairly and have a general idea of what is expected of them whenever they are discharging their duties. To achieve this, all our employees pass through a skill level assessment and are linked with the right individuals based on request and capabilities.


At Skilled Trade Staffing, to ensure we keep to quality, all employees are regularly evaluated to make sure the client receives the best service and expertise. Our goal is to exceed client expectations as we only engage the services of the best. Our tradesmen are taught how to service the needs of their customers with the right skills and to maximize their potentials for reducing overall labor costs while increasing productivity.

customer satisfaction

Our success is built upon our  ability to provide a high level of satisfaction to clients. Hence the reason we place a high value on our ability to provide a fast and reliable response to all queries. Once received, we move into immediate action. First, we ensure an accurate client profile, then engage our screening technologies to search our database of qualified candidates. Long before your query is received, our staff evaluation process has already been completed. Most of our recruits have already undergone a thorough evaluation, safety training procedures, aptitude testing, and preliminary interviews. In quick order, we recommend the best and brightest craftsmen and laborers, suited to fulfill your staffing needs. To ensure the best customer experience, requests are processed with swift accuracy.


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