NO. Skill Trade Staffing also offers a combination of both temporary and permanent services depending on the needs of our clients

Skilled Trade Staffing has a huge clientele across the United States. Working with us means you get the best opportunity to connect with the best network to provide your what you need

At Skilled Trade Staffing, possession of the following is compulsory if you must be a member of our team;

  • A strong desire to improve on your skill sets
  • Ability to learn and meet deadlines
  • Adherence to safety rules
  • Drug-free at all times.
  • High sense of reliability and dedication to work values.
  • Possession of strong personal values
  • Solid work ethics

Address List

    9350 Wilshire Blvd Suite 203
    Beverly Hills, California 90212
  • 310-750-4315
  • info@skilledtradestaffing.com

    3702 E Roeser Rd Suite 23 Phoenix, AZ 85040
  • 833-299-9261
  • info@skilledtradestaffing.com
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