How to Find Skilled Labor in the Construction Industry

Hiring workers can be tough. After all, when it comes down to it, your workers are the face of your company. The quality of work they conduct will lay the foundation for your company, no pun intended. When people look for a construction company for their projects, they will base their decisions on the quality of work they see and the reviews of your company’s past projects. Thus, it is vital to hire workers that will consistently do their best.

However, 65% of small construction contractors struggle to find skilled workers. With all that in mind, though, how do you even begin the hiring process? Where do you look?

Here are some tips for finding skilled laborers in the construction industry.

Use Industry-Specific Job Boards

When you start your hiring journey, it is natural to post ads through websites and local job boards. However, instead of posting to every job board, select the location of your ads carefully. Only post your ad to job boards that pertain to your industry. That way, you can find the best candidates for the work you need. Websites are one of the best ways to find employees because you can reach a broader range of people. Unemployment offices are also a great source because people go there for job assistance and are willing to work hard to get back into the workforce.

Offer a Referral Program

Another promising way is to speak to your employees. Often, the best workers within your company have their own social network of people who want to get into construction work. Companies that offer a referral program also have a better chance of retaining their current employees all while gaining new ones in the process.

Construction Temp Agencies

Construction temp agencies are a third avenue for finding skilled laborers for your company. This alternative is generally quick and easy. After all, if you no longer need a large crew, all you have to do is send them back and they will go to work on other jobs. You will never need to worry about firing your current workers because you are low on jobs.

This method also offers job security to your workers directly. They know that even if you are downsizing, there is a core crew of workers that will always remain.

Ultimately, there are plenty of ways to find skilled labor in the construction industry. It just takes a little research to determine what best suits your needs.

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